Alexandra Lavizzari Artist

I was born in Basel, Switzerland, but have spent most of my adult life traveling and living in various Asian countries, such as Nepal, Pakistan and Thailand, before I finally settled down in Somerset in 2009. I now live right in the heart of the little market town of Wellington and finally have a studio of my own where I can paint and hold exhibitions.

I am originally a writer and have published several novels and literary essays and 2 volumes of poetry in German, my native language, but when I am not busy writing or being creative with my camera, I spend my time painting, using soft pastels or oil or making collages with various natural ingredients such as leaves, lichen etc.. Painting for me means exploring the interaction of colour and form in order to create particular moods in my land- and seascapes, occasionally also in still lifes and pet portraits . I find painting and photographing a very challenging a rewarding alternative to writing and am glad that the environment I live in gives me so much inspiration.

I exhibit locally but also in Geneva, Switzerland, and next year for the first time I will have the opportunity to exhibit in London.

I am a member of Somerset Art Weeks, Somerset Contemporary Artists' Net, Swiss Artists In The UK and Somerset Artist Gallery Trust.

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