Little Owl (SOLD)


Very detailed soft pastel painting of a little owl set against a dark background. This striking portrait has a white mount and black frame and measures 42cm x 42cm, frame included.


By: Alexandra Lavizzari Artist


Closeup portrait of a little owl against a dark background, done in soft pastels. Much attention has been paid to the beautiful plumage and the piercing eye of this amazing bird.

Pastels are ideal for rendering natural textures such as furs and feathers, and though painting each feather was rather time consuming, I think I have been able to achieve the overall effect of fluffy softness.

The blackness around the owl suggests the night, in which these birds of prey become active, and the darkness also makes the big staring eye stand out and become the focus of the whole painting.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 3 × 42 cm