Why Sell on Art Gallery SW

Why Sell Your Artwork on Art Gallery SW?

  • Art Gallery SW aims to showcase the very best local art online.
  • We give artists the opportunity to exhibit their work to a growing audience, maximizing their chances of selling.
  • We understand that sometimes, a customer wants to see the piece of art before buying. So, at Art Gallery SW, we encourage customers to do so, and allow them direct contact with the artist.
  • We are also unique in that we have augmented reality on our website so that people looking at artwork can see what it looks like on the walls of their own home or office.
  • Art Gallery SW will maximize artists’ chances of selling by showcasing their artwork on social media..
  •  For individual artists we have a monthly charge of £7.80. per month and a commission of 10% .
  •  If, for any reason, you want to cancel the contract you are free to do so, you just have to let us know. We need one month’s notice.
  • Art Galleries and Artists can put their contact details, their bio, general details about themselves and a hyperlink to their own website.
  • Art Gallery SW is a curated online gallery and the standard of artwork must meet the standards set by our curator.
  • In regards to art sold online by us, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee so customers can be confident when they buy online, stimulating sales.

Your bit:

  • The price of the art is set by you.
  • Please keep Art Gallery SW updated about your news, exhibitions (etc).
  • Artwork should be signed by the artist and there should be a certificate of authenticity.
  • If you are selling prints, they must be signed limited edition prints, limited to no more than 250.
  • With online sales except for certain sales,  you will be responsible for packaging costs and delivery in the UK, so please include this in the price of your artwork.