About Us

Artwork can be beautiful and inspiring, speaking in a unique way to each viewer.

At Art Gallery SW we love art! At Art Gallery SW we’ll help you to find the perfect showpiece for your home or the masterpiece to upgrade your business. Only here do you have the freedom to browse some of the best art in the region.

Art Gallery SW is an online market-place for original artwork which allows buyers like you to browse the finest local art whilst giving local artists a platform to exhibit their work on a regional and national scale. Our goal is to showcase the immense diversity of artistic talent all in one place.

If you see artwork that you like, you can visualise how it would look in your home by sending in a photo of where you might want it and Art Gallery SW will digitally insert this artwork onto a wall.

Unlike with most online art platforms, at Art Gallery SW we encourage direct contact between you and the art galleries, and even the artists themselves, so that you have the choice to either buy online there and then or to go and view the art in person.

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If you do decide to buy online, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have 14 days to make up your mind about the purchase.