Daisies Everywhere (SOLD)


An acrylic painting in unusual dimensions of a typical summer scene in the English countryside: a meadow full of flowers, trees and a little open gate, inspired by nature in the West Country, where I live.

The painting can be hung on the hall directly as it is. It measures 30cm x 80 cm.


By: Alexandra Lavizzari Artist


Acrylic painting of a lush summer meadow with lots of flowers – daisies –  and with trees in the background and a little open gate on the left.

My idea was to paint a scene which invites the viewer to take a walk in the English countryside and enjoy all the colours and smells summer has to offer. I was inspired by memories of lovely days in which I went for extensive walks in the Somerset countryside.

The format of the painting is unusual – very tall and narrow – which gives the viewers the impression of a window overlooking an inviting expanse of nature.

The colours are reduced to greens, yellows and blues so as not to distract from the wild shapes of foliage in the foreground.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 3 × 80 cm

Somerset Landscape