Rock Art I (SOLD)


Giclée print of a closeup photograph of a beautiful rock wall in Hartland on the North Devon Coast.

The print comes in a bespoke burgundy red wooden frame and measures 33cm x 45cm.

By: Alexandra Lavizzari Artist


Hartland on the North Devon Coast has the most amazing rock formations – a paradise not only for geologists but also for lovers of abstract patterns. I keep going back there with my camera to take shots  – mostly closeups – of these rocks and afterwards I select the most striking ones and have giclée prints made in a very limited edition (20). In my opinion these rocks are real works of art in themselves, so there is no need to add anything to them or to digitally alter them.

This print comes in a beautiful bespoke burgundy red wooden frame which enhances the colours of the rocks.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 3 × 45 cm