Floral Galaxy


Abstract painting in acrylics on canvas, mainly in different shades of blues. With its interesting flowing forms, it invites the viewer to search for patterns and meanings.

The painting comes in a bespoke white wooden frame of the so called Nicolson or St. Ives type and measures 46cm x 46cm.

By: Alexandra Lavizzari Artist


Partly done with the technique of acrylic pour, this abstract painting in various hues of blues evokes both a bunch of flowers – pansies in particular – and a starry sky at night. I worked in several layers to achieve the feel of harmoniously flowing forms and colours contrasting with the lace-like white lines.

There is always a factor of experiment when using acrylic pours and the outcome can be a surprise. In this case however, I took back control in a second phase in which I used brush and quill to work on elements which I felt didn’t express the underlying idea of this picture.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 46 × 4 cm

abstract, blue, acrylics