Mark Taylor Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson


Mark Taylor Hutchinson is an accomplished freelance travel/wildlife photojournalist now extending his passion for creativity into producing bespoke wildlife paintings.

As well as being the previous Editor of an international Scuba Diving publication, Mark has produced numerous features, photographs and artwork for various publications. His body of work has featured in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Real Travel, Men’s Fitness, ITTN and the international dive press. His body of work has also appeared in various travel brochures.

Diving and Wildlife Experience

Mark cites his early childhood as cementing his lifelong fascination with Wildlife, particularly the underwater realm after snorkelling holidays in the Mediterranean. Whereas the release of the film Jaws in 1976 had people running from the water, Mark went in the opposite direction and wanted to dive and learn more about these much maligned creatures. Although Mark remains impassioned towards all wildlife, it’s his life-long fascination with the oceans, particularly sharks and seabirds, which tends to dominate his artistic and photojournalistic attention.

Mark has travelled extensively diving many of the world’s oceans on official assignments as a dive photojournalist.

Art Technique: 

Mark is a self-taught artist primarily driven by his passion for the subject matter. His terrestrial and underwater wildlife photography has been a major influence on his developing technique.

Mark’s recent great white shark painting was shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2018 sponsored by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.


There is a serious side to Mark’s work. “It is a privilege to dive and travel to some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife sites and this has a profound impact on championing their survival.”

Mark's contact details are: email.



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