Puffin’s Big Haul


Artist: Mark Taylor Hutchinson

Title: Puffin’s Big Haul

Medium: Limited Edition Giclee print of original acrylic painting

By: Mark Taylor Hutchinson
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Separated from the mainland from the turbulent waters of Jack Sound, Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire is a UK wildlife haven of note. It was the end of the trip and, although there was certainly no shortage of puffins, I wanted to capture the iconic puffin shot laden with sandeel to inform my painting. This particular individual flew into the Wick and scurried around fully laden with his haul avoiding would be scavengers intent on stealing his catch. I was lying front down to obtain a low angle shot and avoid any distracting background. The puffin came into view and I captured the moment on camera and used this image for the basis of my painting. The photo image which informs this painting was voted image of the month by a leading printing company.

As well as puffins (over 6000 breeding pairs, give or take a few), the island has an array of other seabirds and raptors. Night time heralds the arrival of the 150,000 Manx Shearwaters from their daytime fishing excursions at sea, the largest colony in the world and one of the most remarkable migratory birds.

Artist: Mark Taylor Hutchinson

Location: Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire
Painting medium: Acrylic
Original Size: 38cm x 19cm

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