Majestic Predator – Isla Guadalupe (Great white shark)


Artist: Mark Taylor Hutchinson

Title: Majestic Predator Isla Guadalupe (Great white shark)

Medium: Acrylic

Size with Frame 61 cm (height) 105 cm (width)


By: Mark Taylor Hutchinson


This enigmatic shark made a number of close passes. One could not help but be anything but awestruck when faced with such natural perfection.
Isla Guadalupe has to be one of the best locations in the world to see Great white sharks in gin clear water. Throughout the trip we had up to four sharks visit each day. Getting to Guadalupe is quite an undertaking and involves a 21-hour boat journey into the Pacific from Mexico. But it is a journey well worthwhile undertaking given the encounters possible. It is not fully known why Great white sharks visit this particular location each year, but likelihood is that they are following the gamefish (yellowfin tuna and Yellow tails) . The males arrive first in June followed by the larger females in October. Evidence of encounters with other sharks are clearly evident with many sharks displaying wounds and scars from possible mating and territorial dispute.

This painting was shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2018 sponsored by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Painted in Acrylic and signed by the artist (including certificate)

Size with Frame 61 cm (height) 105 cm (width)

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