Hunter of the Cave – Spotted Ragged Tooth Shark


Artist: Mark Taylor Hutchinson

Title: Hunter of the Cave – Spotted Ragged Tooth Shark

Medium: Limited Edition Giclee Print of Original Acrylic Painting

By: Mark Taylor Hutchinson
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During the winter months the Spotted Ragged Tooth sharks, or ‘Raggies’ as they are referred to locally, inhabit the Protea Banks dive site in Natal, South Africa and can be found in the caves and underhangs.

It is possible to experience close encounters and if you look carefully in the sand in the various caves and underhangs likelihood is that you will find shed teeth. This shark is often accompanied by Bluefin Kingfish who also inhabit the Banks. Painting medium is acrylic.

Artist: Mark Taylor Hutchinson

Medium: Acrylic

Print Size: 91cm x 47cm

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