Rosemary Bonney



I am a Dartmoor based landscape artist living in the village of Holne on the edge of the moor. I have drawn and painted throughout my life but chose to follow a career in scientific research, which left little time for painting.  Since moving to Devon I have been able to fulfil my long-standing ambition to devote my time to art. I have exhibited widely across the Southwest since 2004, in galleries and in solo, shared and group exhibitions.  In 2018 I was a finalist in the Devon Life landscape artist of the year and my work has been represented and reported in a number of magazines and newspapers including Devon Life and the Western Morning News.


A lifetime passion for the natural world made it inevitable that I should choose to paint the landscape and with Dartmoor on the doorstep the scene was set. My exploration of the moor since living in Holne has enabled me to become familiar with its uniqueness. I capture fleeting moments with my camera, memorising a point in time to encapsulate it on return to my studio.  Although I use photographs as an aide memoir I interpret the moor in my own style.   My aim is to share with the viewer my personal experience of place, interpreting it in a painterly manner using oils and acrylics and mixed media embellishments.  I use a range of implements including rollers, palette knives, brushes and rags preferring a ‘hand on’ approach.  The light, weather and season all play a part in my choice of subject.  Colour is important to me and I enjoy experimenting with new ways of expressing the essence of the landscape with emphasis on colour.


The beautiful coastline of the South West Peninsula is also an inspiration to me and presents a contrast to the sometimes, starkness of the moor. I also enjoy painting the more intimate aspects of the landscape, namely the seasonal profusion of wild flowers and the hedgerows and trees.  Further afield, my travels at home and abroad inspire me to capture my experiences in paint.



Instagram: rosemary.bonney

Telephone: 01364 631395  07519650212


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