Rosemary Bonney



Rosemary is primarily a landscape painter who works from her studio situated in the village of Holne on the edge of Dartmoor. The proximity to this wild and spiritual locale provides an endless source of inspiration for her, allowing a seamless fusion of her passion for art and the natural world. Rosemary is drawn to the rugged expanses of the moor, being captivated by the fleeting moods and shifts in light brought about by the unpredictable weather.

Her artistic focus extends to the ancient sites that bear witness to the moor's prehistoric past, but also to the more subdued landscapes marked by intricate patterns of hedged or stonewalled fields. These scenes, juxtaposed with the desolate moorland, meandering rivers, and rocky tors, hold a particular allure for Rosemary. The coastal vistas of the South West Peninsula also provide a wellspring of inspiration, offering a striking contrast to the starkness often found on the moor.  Further afield her travels at home and abroad inspire her to capture her experiences in paint.

Rosemary’s aim is to share with the viewer her personal experience of place, interpreting it in an impressionistic manner using oils, acrylics and mixed media embellishments.   She uses a wide range of implements, although palette knives, rags and a ‘hands-on’ approach are her preference.  More recently Rosemary has been working with oil and cold wax medium, building up layers and textures in her work with a move towards abstraction.

Rosemary’s work has been exhibited widely across the Southwest in solo, shared and group exhibitions, reaching audiences in the UK and beyond. Recognised for her contributions, her art has been featured in magazines including Devon Life and Dartmoor Magazine, in the Western Morning News.




Instagram: rosemary.bonney

Telephone: 01364 631395  07519650212


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