David Robinson Artist

David Robinson worked in the Universities of Bristol and Sheffield doing research in the Life Sciences, and is a qualified photographer. Part of his job was photography and illustration and looking after Audio Visual Aids.

He has painted all his life and now paints in a selection of media, even painting with his finger on the ipad screen.

David specialises in oils and loves working closely with the client on commissioned work.

He has a wide variety of styles too, as showcased here, though his preference is for painting colourful seascapes of wild coastlines. The portrait shown of David is a self portrait in oils.

As well as this he has played Fender bass in many professional and semi-pro bands including Champion Jack Dupree’s ‘Premonition’, ‘Essential Bop’ The Deep Blues Band’ and ‘Barrelhouse’. 

Website http://www.robinsonart.co.uk

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