LYNMOUTH – The Bridge over the East Lyn river. BY DAVID ROBINSON


Lynmouth and the East Lyn Bridge was painted in oils by David Robinson of Clevedon, North Somerset and is 40 x 50 cms in size.

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This painting was hand-painted in oil, on prepared canvas.

Size 40 x 50 cm.

Signed by the artist David Robinson.

The East Lyn bridge, backed by picturesque houses and English greenery. The contrasting colours and light introduced, help to make this a bright painting.
Many rocks wash down the river here, some of them making interesting islands where plants root and grow in the fertile waters. Above on the left is the higher plateau of Lynton,and there is an ancient water operated lift which takes sightseers between the two villages. It was the setting for a massive flood disaster in the nineteen sixties when Lynmouth was caught between stormy seas and the rainwater swollen, East and West Lyn rivers.

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Dimensions 53.5 × 43 cm
David Robinson