Tamsin Dearing Artist

Tamsin is a Cornish fine artist, specialising in classical pencil and pastel portraiture.

Art, creativity and a passion for the natural world have always been an integral part of Tamsin’s life.

Based in her home studio on the South Coast of Cornwall, Tamsin spends her days sat at her drawing table overlooking her cottage garden. As a child she would pore over illustrations in old reference books, marveling at the skill of those who documented the  flora and fauna around them with such beautiful precision.

Having discovered a love of drawing at an early age, years of self-directed learning have allowed her to develop a unique methodology and artistic style which employs just four pencils and an eraser to create classical pencil portraits.

Once Tamsin mastered drawing in graphite, she began exploring coloured pencils and most recently soft pastel. Each medium has different qualities for both the artist and the viewer, bringing its own nature to the artworks. In every picture Tamsin draws, her gradual building of many layers upon the page allows for a full complement of textures, tones and hues which brings great depth and complexity to her work. It is this simplicity of tools and traditional materials coupled with the timeless appeal of portraiture which fascinates Tamsin, creating a connection between the hand, the page, the subject and the viewer.

Tamsin has been selected for inclusion in exhibitions with the Society of Women Artists and ING Discerning Eye in 2020.


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