Sebastien Coell

Sebastien Coell is a British landscape photographer, with a range of photographic work from the UK, Europe, and Scandinavia. Living next to Dartmoor National Park, his photography also features a large collection of Dartmoor Prints, Devon wall art, and Cornish Seascape photography.

"Photography to me is a creative extension upon exploring new locations. It gives me both the drive and reward that comes with traveling to new places. I enjoy both the technical side of capturing the image as well as the creative act of exploring locations and finding compositions."

"I love to travel and it's my passion for photography that has given me the drive to wake up at 4 am on a cold day to photograph a sunrise, stay up till 5 am to photograph the Milkyway, and camp or stay as some amazing alpine locations over the years."

Sebastien undertakes  a large range of landscape photography which can be seen in a range of dramatic prints, in many sizes and styles



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