Charles T Maher BA (Hons)

Charles T Maher BA (hons)

My work can be losely described as atmospheric, developing my work in response to nature whilst striving to portray the effects of the particular light and conditions of the area, directed by combining aesthetic influences of Late Romanticism, Impressionism & Neo-Romanticism with abstract qualities of surrealism, lyrical poeticism and speculative realism; capturing just the essence of atmospheric light and topographical forms. I am particularly concerned with the specific historical aspects of ancient ruins, local folklore, myths and legends whilst investigating the concept of seclusion, abandonment and regression. Taking the viewer on a visual journey through secret and secluded places past and present; sensual perception is particularly important aspect as it elicits direct emotions triggering pre-conceptual and physical modes of perception enabling the viewer to have a more immediate and intense experience.

Contact details;

Tel: 01305 839761

Mob: 07967706746



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