Autumn Woodland (SOLD)


Soft pastel painting of an autumn landscape with trees and a river cascading down big moss green rocks.

By: Alexandra Lavizzari Artist


Soft pastel painting of a woodland landscape in autumn, where the trees start to turn a warm yellow, rust and brown and the sun, invisible behind the foliage, casts a soft light on a little cascading river and the moss green rocks. It is a scene we all know and love, because it is nature at its purest: we can hear the birds singing and the water gurgling, we can feel the freshness of the air and enjoy the lush colours of the season.

The precise location of this woodland is not important, I am sure everybody has a memory of such a beautiful spot, maybe from previous walks. This painting is, for me, a kind of memory of similar streams I have encountered during my walks in the UK and on the continent.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 46 × 3 × 46 cm

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