An atmospheric mixed media/collage winter landscape with birch trees and snow falling.

45cm x 45cm


Art Buyers: Visualise how this would look at home! If you send us a photo of your home, we can digitally insert this artwork onto your wall. This is a complementary free service.

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A winter landscape of birch trees with a glowing evening sky. This painting is one of a series of similar artworks – this time as a collage and mixed media. The birch trees are strips of transparent paper and the whole picture is acrylics (some shiny) and Chinese ink on beautiful handmade Chinese paper. Though it is winter with snow falling, the painting has warm and light colours creating an atmosphere of positive calm and serenity.
The painting comes in an elegant bespoke wooden frame with a shiny red polish picking up the colour hues of the sky.

  • View more from: Alexandra Lavizzari
  • View more from: Alexandra Lavizzari