View of Dartmoor in the evening, created in soft pastels. The landscape stretches far into the distance under a colourful evening sky; several striking boulders in the foreground add a structural element to the the wild vastness of the moor.


The painting has a white mount and comes in a so called shabby chic blue grey frame. It measures 50cm x 40cm.

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A soft pastel painting of Dartmoor towards evening during the golden hour when the landscape looks soft and warm.

Dartmoor is a special place and particularly inspiring for artists because of its magnificent skies and the atmosphere which is is constantly changing. Also the Tors and various stones and boulders emerging from the earth add an interesting structural element to the vast and wild moor.

I have painted Dartmoor several times in different mediums but always come back to pastels which, in my view, offer the widest palette of colour nuances needed to render such a versatile landscape as Dartmoor.



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