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    Another vibrant abstract piece inspired by coast and countryside walks here in the South West of England. Devon is a far cry from the wilds of my African roots. I draw inspiration from the untamed, exquisite landscape surrounding me here – the vastness of Dartmoor, the energetic rivers, wildflowers and the Jurassic coastline with its history and crumbling cliffs.
    I create a rich surface texture by building up layers then scraping, sanding and drawing back into these until a balance in composition is found.

    Framed size 44.5 x 44.5cm
    Image size 30.5 x 30.5cm
    Acrylic, ink, charcoal and china markers on wood panel.
    Ready to hang in an off-white frame.
    The painting is signed on the front and the surface is protected with UV safe varnish.

  • Goldfinch by Tamsin Dearing


    Tamsin Dearing Original goldfinch pastel painting by Tamsin Dearing. Goldfinches are delicate birds with an beautiful song, often heard before seen in the British countryside. Their delicate stature is complimented by their bold colours, the gold which gives rise to their name and their bright red faces which are often the first thing to catch…

  • Amur Leopard by Tamsin Dearing


    Tamsin Dearing Amur Leopard original pencil drawing by Tamsin Dearing. Amur Leopard is a stunningly detailed portrait of this magnificent creature. Beautifully drawn with just pencil on paper, this realistic artwork captures the beauty and poise of the leopard. As it pauses to drink it keeps the viewer in it’s sights, drawing us in to…

  • Posturing Peacock of Pencarrow by Tamsin Dearing


    Tamsin Dearing Posturing Peacock of Pencarrow limited edition giclee print of a coloured pencil drawing by Tamsin Dearing. This artwork Posturing Peacock of Pencarrow features a peacock called Prinny who lives at Pencarrow House and Gardens in Cornwall. Prinny was most curious about what I was eating one afternoon, and posed beautifully whilst trying to…