Welcome to the September newsletter, this month we focus on artists that have been inspired by the beauty and diversity of British flowers: from humble verge growing wildflowers to those showy sought-after cultivars. Flowers present a unique challenge for the artist with their subtle changes in colour and their intricate patterns and petal shapes. Enjoy the beauty and variety captured by our skilled gallery artists below. 

Alison Whateley ‘Across the Valley’

Alison Whateley  

This rural Devon view was created from new and up-cycled textiles. Vintage nails are used to pick out the fence in the foreground. Whilst the design was stitched into place using a combination of hand stitching or free motion machine embroidery.

Alison’s detailed works are inspired by landscapes, seascapes and botanical art. She works in a variety of styles from painterly abstract pieces, to semi-abstract and abstract.

Naomi Rusher Art  ‘Iris Bloom’

Naomi Rusher

‘Iris Bloom’ was created in response to the pandemic. The Iris’s beauty is a reminder that there is beauty all around even when times are difficult. This piece is part of her Spring Break, 2021 collection which sought to bring positivity through colour and beauty into the world. Painted in alcohol ink and shimmery metallic ink, this is a medium that Naomi loves for its unpredictable and exciting characteristics. 

Naomi is a trained illustrator and self-taught abstract artist. She is inspired by the seasons, the ocean and music and movement.

Gabrielle Bill ‘Poppy Heads’

Gabrielle Bill 

Purple poppies from the artist’s garden were the inspiration for this remarkable watercolour .  

Gabrielle is a Dorset artist who works in oil. She often paints the human figure ‘hidden’ in a natural setting. She is inspired by gardens, the human form and flowers. 


Luba Arnold Larnie ‘Water Lilies’ 

Luba Arnold Larnie

Colour and texture are at the heart of this impressionistic acrylic painting. Texture is first built using a palette knife to create marks. Paint is also layered to create a sense of depth. The approach taken by the artist ‘combines painting from memory, sketches, photographs and location’. ‘Water Lilies’ like many of her works is characterised by it’s great energy and colour.

Her subjects are often chosen from what she has seen and experienced during her local countryside walks. Another great love is the sea and her many visits to Cornwall are inspirational in the creation of her beautiful atmospheric seascapes

Christine Derrick ‘Wild Patch’ 

Christine Derrick
 This detailed pastel work shows a tumble of colourful wildflowers. Christine started to explore floral subject matters in 1997. Creating works in a wide range of media, before Pastel emerged as the leader.

Christine enjoys pastel for its immediacy and  prefers to create works that are smaller in scale, as this allows her to finish a piece in three sittings or less. This means that the initial inspiration for the subject is not lost. 

Jo Salmon Flower Riot

Jo Salmon

This  large acrylic painting is a explosion of flowers captured is a semi abstract style, the details are splattered across the canvas in many layers and colours. The painting covers the whole canvas in energetic paint marks that depict floral stems and petals.Flower riot” is a large painting 100cm x 120 and would make a lovely feature in any room. 

 With a background in design her still life and landscapes paintings are audacious and luminescent. A vibrant celebration of the natural world and working landscapes that surround her in current home in mid Devon

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