Christine has been painting for many years, initially with oils but later adding soft pastels as further interest. She was born in Somerset, attending art classes in the 1970s and taking part in local shows. Although starting out with landscape subjects, Christine found a natural connection to floral themes in the 1990s and began to develop her work from there; passing through a lot of experimental phases with acrylic, pencils and pastels. She will choose to portray flowers alone or as part of a still-life group, primarily using pastels, but occasionally pencils and watercolour when wishing to include more detail.

Landscapes are still of much interest and Christine is working to develop a more painterly approach with pastels; oils are used occasionally. She particularly likes clouds and atmospheric effects, coastlines and water. Christine has no formal training and "does her own thing", continuing to support local group shows and to experiment with her materials and subjects. She prefers smaller-sized work and is capable of creating pieces just a few inches across, which satisfies her inner liking for detail. She has lived in Somerset (now North Somerset) all her life.

website: https://christinederrick.com

email: chris [at] christinederrick.com


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