Christine Derrick

Christine has been painting for around fifty years, initially with oils but later adding soft pastels as a further major interest. She was born in Somerset, attending art classes in the 1970s and taking part in local shows. Although starting out with landscape subjects, Christine found a natural connection to floral themes in the 1990s and began to develop her work from there; passing through a lot of experimental phases with acrylic, pencils and pastels. Landscapes and simple seascapes are still of interest. Christine will choose a view that stimulates her interest, regardless of whether it is in her home county or away elsewhere on holiday. She particularly likes clouds and lighting effects, often making them dominant over the main landscape. A scene with water will always take her attention. Christine spends some time deciding whether to use oils or pastels for a subject, however it is not unusual for her to try the same subject in both media, since it allows a variety of interpretations; and what has been learned through creating one piece can be carried over to making it again with different emphasis.
Christine has no formal training and "does her own thing", preferring to create a mix of subjects as the mood takes (with almost any medium) rather than be pigeon-holed in one style. She usually likes to produce smaller-sized work, on canvas-board, gesso-panel or specialist oil-paper; plus pastel-card.  In 2024 she has begun experimenting with applying pastel to monoprints created on a gelli plate; this is all very new and suitable finished work has yet to emerge, but she is hoping that it will widen the creative opportunities for the pastel medium. She has also moved her website to a new hosting platform which will allow space for more images. Christine has lived in Somerset (now the North Somerset section) all her life.




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