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Tracey Platt


My name is Tracey Platt and I am a mixed media artist and work from my home studio near Truro, Cornwall.

I am self-taught and only started art in the autumn of 2015 when I decided I needed a hobby and thought I would try collage. Wasn’t this just sticking pieces of paper down and creating a picture?  I did some research and studied lots of collage artists and discovered there was a whole new world to this type of art.  This started with me creating my own painted papers and soon I was hooked, creating vibrant work.  This led on to mixed media, designing greetings cards, which are colourful and quirky.  Why does a dog need to be brown when it can be a hot pink?

After having a studio built in the garden, I was able to experiment more with paint and began doing larger pieces including acrylic paint pours (flow art) and abstract work and after six years, I have built up a large and varied portfolio.

Colour plays a big part in my life and this is evident in my work and many people have said how 'happy' and uplifting my work is.  I love to experiment with different materials, not always knowing what I will end up with.

My other work includes hand painted bags and designing my own greetings cards.  My designs are generally quirky which make people smile and I love to paint seagulls, the coast, waves and mermaids (I call mine Cornish Sea Maidens). Other designs include abstract flowers, animals and people.   I usually do a series on a particular subject.

I have taken part in numerous exhibitions and set up and ran Lostwithiel Art Fair when I discovered there was a lack of venues and inexpensive opportunities for local Cornish artists to show their work.

I have now opened up my studio and gallery to the public so that I can meet my buyers and show them where I am at.

Tel: 07896 568651




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