Phil McCumskey

I do not make prints of my work as I believe it's important that people own the actual painting, not a reproduction. I also ensure that my prices are very affordable.


Phil studied fine arts at Stellenbosch University, but worked as a writer, actor and theatre director for many years before establishing his own video production company in Johannesburg. ‘Now that I'm older, I've re-discovered art, particularly abstract art. Brushes, palette knives, spatulas, paint, canvas, paper – it’s as if I’ve been reunited with old friends.' Phil's work has been exhibited at the Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield and his painting Red Radiance was part of The Artist Lounge’s 50 Shades of Red Exhibition. This summer, his artwork titled, Connected, was long listed for the D31 Gallery prize. Phil's art brings together colour, shape and form to express visual ideas that communicate something about the world or himself  - his moods, his dreams, his hopes. He uses a combination of materials and techniques - paint, cardboard, collage, scraping, and mark-making to create the required effects.

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