Merle Sild is an Estonian born British painter working with oil paint and cold wax painting medium mostly. She holds a BA (Hons) in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking from Plymouth College of Art and has recently completed her MA in Painting. Her images based on her experiences from the previous Soviet Union and travelling through very many different countries later are powerful amalgamations born of her digital splicing - uncanny and charged like the world itself, in which space and time are manipulated through the influence of a past event. Inspired by Dylan Trigg, Merle is searching for a broader context between memory and places re-visioning her own personal history. She is painting the stories of timeless rebirth and hopes of new life beginning in locations of disasters and destruction. She considers her art to be a tell-tale, looking for emotional content even if it reflects ugly problems. Painting in abstract or semi-abstract ways gives her more freedom, though she is sometimes extensively influenced by the old masters and their creation of impressionist images.

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MA degree in Painting 2021, Plymouth College of Art, United Kingdom.


Started exhibiting 2004. Over 20 successful personal and group exhibitions since then in Finland, Estonia, Spain and UK. Her work has been sold all over the world (Estonia, Finland, Canada, Israel, USA, Spain, UK, Russia etc).