laura bernardeschi

Laura Bernardeschi known also as lauraartist68 is a multidisciplinary artist based now in Newcastle upon tyne. She started to paint in 2017 when based in London and from that moment she never stopped.
Inspired by great artists like Gustav Klimt , Van gigh , Picasso , David Hockney , Pop Art and Lucien Fraud she has changed several time her style to experiment her creativity . She started with abstract on canvas in acrylics colours but now she is more attracted by mix media and figurative art . She prefers to use her art as a story to tell connected to our society and enviroment.

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  • THE CANDY TREE BY laura bernardeschi


    Artist: lauraartist68
    year 2024
    Measures:70x50x2 cm
    Materials: mix media, pencils and oil pastels on paper, varnished
    Signed front and back, with a certificate of authenticity
    Inspired by pop art the artist presents to her public this original tree to celebrate the arrival of spring after the cold winter

  • AUTUMN IN ABSTRACT BY laura bernardeschi


    Signed front and back with a certificate of authenticity

    Ready to be hung

    Measures: 80x60x2cm

    A beautiful abstract to celebrate the arrival of autumn with its bright and colourful nature
  • Aliens n.2 BY laura bernardeschi

  • Alien n.1 by laura bernardeschi

  • A silent moment of hope BY laura bernardeschi

    Measures: 50x40x0.2 cm
    Signed front and back with a certificate of authenticity
    Materials: Acrylics on paper, varnishedIn this painting, a mermaid sitting alone looking forward.
    Nobody knows what she is thinking because her face is covered by her beautiful green and blue hair .
    She might remember moments of a past life that will never come back
    She might enjoy the present … a moment where she is enjoying the peace and the silence of the place
    She might be in the future with all her hopes and strategies to realise her dreams