Martin Bush Abstract artist

A little bit about me…


Before embarking on a career as a painter I had my own commercial art business for 10 years working in and around London and many places across the UK. I lived in Oxford for most of this time and gained many creative projects from large murals to developing fun ideas for signs and interior decor for the restaurant, pub and catering trade.

This I feel equipped me to succeed as an artist painter which I decided was the next path for me and has been an exciting and ever evolving pleasure.


What inspires my art?

My career as a painter began with a year living in Thailand in 1997-98 and where I began my passion for painting.

I remember the overwhelming feeling from this experience was the sense of freedom and by absorbing this amazing country's culture I had found a place that was to change my life and fire my inspiration even to this day. Adding to this, my previous travels to places such as California, South Africa and many other countries developed the foundations to the expression within my art.

I still visit Thailand each year to recharge by art batteries and is now my second home with family and friends I am glad to have and enjoy.

The Artists who have inspired my marks and painting include Howard Hodgkin, Gerhard Richter, Pollock and any other painter who delves into the abstract. Oh and a little bit of Picasso and Matisse of course.


What else is important to my work?

From many years of painting and exhibiting I have been inspired by the public and their response to my work. To lift people’s spirits with my imagery has been a delight and is what keeps the palette alive.

Everyone sees the world differently and watching and listening to people discuss my paintings is always stimulating, I have felt that looking into an abstract painting can be parallel to looking into a mirror. Your focus becomes a reflection on who you are and where you have been.


Telephone 07703 231150

Website www.martinbush.co.uk



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