Malcolm Crocker

Malcolm Crocker

We exist within an endless expanse of time and space. The patterns of change, destruction, renewal, evolution, life and death we see written into the geology and archaeology of our planet. It could well be reflected elsewhere in the infinite variation of our universe. These processes will continue into an almost endless and unpredictable future which our species may not necessarily be around to see.

My artistic practice can be seen as a speculation and reflection on these possibilities. I remain optimistic and pessimistic in equal measure about the future and know that others may well feel the same. I paint imaginary landscapes and ambiguous structures, in unknown locations. I’m considering marks, remains, beliefs, cultures and lives in other times and places. They draw upon my interest in history, geology, archaeology, travels, literature, and the artistic practice of others. Above all they reflect the working of my own imagination.

What is our plight and our destiny on planet Earth? Take a look at my work and consider my response. There are no answers but there are many possibilities here and elsewhere in the vastness of the cosmos. It’s been said that every time you look at one of my paintings you see a different story.

I studied at Winchester College of Art and graduated in 2009 with a 1st class BA in fine art. Since then I’ve been active as an artist with exhibitions of my work in this country and abroad.

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