Jill Preston

I did not take up painting seriously until I retired from my career in education. During my working life, I had little time to practise my skills but maintained an interest, first awakened at school, where I had achieved a distiction in A level Art.

On retirement I attended various adult evening and day classes but mainly worked to develop my skills without formal tuition. I joined several local art clubs and gained experience in exhibiting through them. I now regularly hold art workshops for various local art groups. I work mainly in acrylics, watercolours and mixed media. I like to experiment with new methods and approaches in order to increase my enjoyment and broaden my skills. I take inspiration from the coastal and rural landscapes of the British Isles especially the South West. Currently I am exploring impressionistic approaches and abstraction in order to better portray my retrospective and emotional responses to my world - a daunting and challenging task.

Tel. 01935 471843

Email. [email protected]



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