I have spent most of my life being involved in the making of paintings. I studied painting at The Royal Academy Schools. For sixteen years, I was involved in running an Art Gallery in Swanage with my partner. I have written articles for fine art magazines and was commissioned to produce a book about colour called ‘Mix your own Acrylics’. I have exhibited in London, and in galleries and Art Fairs around the country. I was trained in a very traditional ethos, taught to observe carefully and to respond to the wonder of visual subtleties. That training has stayed with me always, I am compelled to look intently and record what I see. There is also, inevitably, a narrative concern and a wish to make observations about how humanity relates to the world.     My paintings are often an exploration of my immediate surroundings and of images I record when travelling.


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  • ‘Hydra Headland with Windmills’ by Jill Mirza


    This is a favourite and familiar view from a high terrace across to the opposite headland on the Greek island of Hydra. As I was painting it I felt I was following different paths, rediscovering the landscape. Set against a brilliant sea, the Spring foliage and strong tonal contrast emphasise the strength of the light. There is a puzzling arrangement of walls and enclosed spaces and an odd scale to the buildings, small down by the sea, large as you climb the hill.

    71cm x 71 cm

  • ‘Blue Beach Huts’ by Jill Mirza


    Artist:  JILL MIRZA        Title:  ‘Blue Beach Huts’        Medium: Acrylic on Canvas        Date: 2013        Size: 20 cm x 20 cm        Frame: 25 cm x 25 cm

    This is one of a series of small paintings where I have made the decision to make relatively simple gestures and compositions. Beach huts have a haphazard charm and are usually painted in bright simple colours. In the case of this image the contrasts of dark and light and the geometric shapes make the image striking and decorative.


  • ‘Pleasure Boats Hut’ by Jill Mirza


    JILL MIRZA       ‘Pleasure Boats Hut’     Acrylic on Canvas      2013      8 x 8 inches   20.3 x 20.3 cm

    Although the painting is small it explores a sense of scale and depth. The hut is the dominant focus because of its size and strong colour, but is placed over to one side so the eye is drawn to the figure of the small boy in brilliant white against the sea and to the distant view of Swanage Pier beyond. The painting uses strong contrasts to convey the feeling of heat and brilliant light.

  • ‘Punch and Judy’ by Jill Mirza


    Artist:         JILL MIRZA      Title:   ‘Punch and Judy’       Medium:   Acrylic on Canvas       Date:  2010      Size:  20 cm x 20 cm       Frame:  25 cm x 25 cm

    A traditional and gaudy feature of the beach in Swanage, the Punch and Judy kiosk with its decorations, stripes and vivid colours draws the crowds,. In the painting the play of horizontal stripes on the windbreaks and ripples on the sea balance the dominating vertical stripes of the booth. The elaborate decorative top is picked up by the shapes of the Isle of Wight cliffs in the background. The light puppets against the dark background of the stage are balanced by the dark heads in the foreground against the red and white stripes of the kiosk. Horizontals and verticals, dark and light contrasts, bright colours make for a lively image.

  • ‘Café with Awning – Hydra’ by Jill Mirza


    Artist:         JILL MIRZA Title:           ‘Café with Awning: Hydra’ Medium:   Acrylic on Canvas Date:         2014 Size:           40 cm x 40 cm Frame:      45.5 cm x 45.5 cm   The drama of the shadows and shapes, including the interplay between horizontals and verticals, created by the awnings in this image contrasts with the…

  • ‘Waterfront Cafés – Hydra’ by Jill Mirza


    Artist:         JILL MIRZA Title:          ‘Waterfront Cafés: Hydra’ Medium:   Acrylic on Canvas Date:         2014 Size:           40 cm x 40 cm Frame:      45.5 cm x 45.5 cm     This image is cool and spacious, illustrating a place waiting for the crowds. The figures grouped near the edges, give a…

  • ‘The Yellow Taverna’ by Jill Mirza


    Artist:         JILL MIRZA Title:           ‘The Yellow Taverna’ Medium:   Acrylic on Canvas Date:         2012 Size:           61 cm x 61cm Frame:      67 cm x 67 cm The vivid colours, strong light and vibrant shadows found in this corner of Greece are the inspiration for an image encapsulating a sense of stillness. The picture…

  • ‘Arles Café with Red Umbrellas’ by Jill Mirza


    Artist:         JILL MIRZA Title:          ‘Arles Café with Red Umbrellas’ Medium:   Acrylic on Canvas Board Date:         2009 Size:           35.5 cm x 45.5 cm Frame:      49 cm x 59 cm   The strong sunlight depicted in this painting emphasises the dark interiors of this scene and the heavy shadows are…

  • ‘Outdoor Café – Avignon’ by Jill Mirza


    Artist:         JILL MIRZA Title:           ‘Outdoor Café – Avignon’ Medium:   Acrylic on Canvas Board Date:         2010 Size:           36 cm x 46 cm Frame:      49 cm x 59 cm The strong light gives colour and transparency to the umbrellas. The figures in the shade merge together as they shelter from the vivid light in…

  • ‘Café in Montpellier’ by Jill Mirza


    Artist:         JILL MIRZA Title:           ‘Café in Montpellier’ Medium:   Acrylic on Canvas Board Date:         2009 Size:           36 cm x 46 cm Frame:      49 cm x 59 cm This is a painting of contrasts – bright colours against a neutral background, warm colours under the umbrellas against the cool colours of the buildings, dark…