‘Café in Montpellier’ by Jill Mirza




Artist:         JILL MIRZA

Title:           ‘Café in Montpellier’

Medium:   Acrylic on Canvas Board

Date:         2009

Size:           36 cm x 46 cm

Frame:      49 cm x 59 cm

This is a painting of contrasts – bright colours against a neutral background, warm colours under the umbrellas against the cool colours of the buildings, dark foreground against pale greys. The figures glow because of the sunlight passing through the red cloth but the eye is taken past and the band of colours across the centre of the picture to the light on the buildings beyond. The exaggerated perspective of the buildings draws the eye down to the figures in the café and they are contained by the diagonal on the lower right hand of the picture.

Additional information

Dimensions 46 × 36 cm