Imogen Bovey

I live in a small village called Sutton Very which is situated between Bath and Salisbury, with my two children and dog, Ruby. I have lived in this area since I was a teenager. Prior to that I lived in Cumbria with my Mum, brother and two sisters. I was born in Aberystwyth on the West-Coast of Wales, where my Dad was a Beach Warden at Borth - home to an ancient sunken forest dating back to 1500BC! 

I have loved art from a very early age - I have memories of drawing at the kitchen table while my mum was cooking in the kitchen. Funnily, I still do a lot of my work on that very same table. I paint in Acrylic or Watercolour, and am inspired by the beauty of nature and animals. I love to capture the mood of the animal or the atmosphere in the air; I hope that shows in my paintings. 

My contact details are

[email protected]

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