Ian Hedley


Ian is a graphite fine artist based in Dorset. His work seeks to connect the beauty surrounding us in the natural world with the beauty that is within us all. He has been drawing all his life and since around 2020 has been exhibiting and selling his work, which has been bought by collectors in the UK, the USA and across Europe.

Ian is an associate member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art.

Ian works almost exclusively with wooden pencils on paper. No other medium makes him feel as connected to what he is doing. He builds his pictures up with thousands upon thousands of tiny little marks, giving them a vibrancy that can often be missing from traditional pencil drawings.

Ian strongly believes that art is a force for positive change. His work aims to help us as individuals through a mindful and gentle beauty but he also use proceeds from sales to donate to good causes. He has been able to, and continues to, directly support the RNLI, the British Red Cross and the Lantern Trust.

Email: ian@hedley.org.uk

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