A dramatic landscape painting of the Somerset Levels achieved with various types of inks in a reduced range of blue, green and yellow colours.

By: Alexandra Lavizzari Artist




Wetlands is a dramatic ink landscape inspired by the Somerset Levels with a dark, menacing sky weighing on a flat strip of land and floodwater. The painting is a free flowing spontaneous response to the beauty of the Levels, achieved through a reduced range of colours. It is dominantly dark blue and yellowish green with areas left in white to give it a sense of lightness and contrast between the darkness of the clouds and the still water underneath.

I often go for walks in the Somerset Levels, mainly near Burrowbridge, and enjoy any weather, from rain to sunshine and sleet to frost, because I always find a great sense of calm there, which sometimes can even be a bit eerie, and this is what I mainly wanted to capture in my painting. Much is left to the viewer’s imagination, though. It is not a particular spot in the Levels and could therefore be anywhere, where water and land mix.

Wetlands‘ is painted on 300gsm Hahnemühle paper, has a white mount and comes in a simple white frame of solid wood measuring 50cm x 40cm.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 cm