Soft pastel painting of Dartmoor in the autumn under a cloudy sky.

52cm x 42cm

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Soft pastel painting of a view of Dartmoor in Devon, UK, from Longaford Tor on a cloudy autumn afternoon. In my view, autumn brings out the essence of eerie Dartmoor – moodiness, nostalgia, calm, grandeur, natural beauty and majesty. I regularly visit Dartmoor, especially the area around Two Bridges and Wistman’s Wood, which, for me, is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the West Country. I have painted different areas of Dartmoor several times, but always come back to this one spot.
This painting has a cream-coloured double mount and a broad frame of unpolished natural wood which matches the soft brown tones and rural atmosphere of the vast hilly scene. I think it looks its best over a fireplace and in general in a room with warm colours and traditional furniture, but sometimes contrasts are surprising, so – who knows? – a very modern and minimalist room could suit it too.

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