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  • A finely detailed pencil drawing of a Black mother and baby, from Bolgatanga, Africa. She is stood with her back to us, carrying her child. She is wearing a scarf with a bold pattern wrapped around her head. Her baby is wrapped in a cloth with a small foliage print. The baby is facing the viewer, head over her shoulder. We can see the wrinkles from the mother smiling broadly at her child, contrasted with the baby having a serious expression on its face. A portrait by Tamsin Dearing the Artist, in Cornwall.

    Bolgatanga Baby


    Bolgatanga Baby original pencil drawing by Tamsin Dearing. Bolgatanga Baby is a stunningly detailed portrait of a mother and her child. Beautifully drawn with just pencil on paper, this realistic artwork captures the beauty of it’s subjects and the love of a mother for her child. We can just see a peek of her broad…

  • Monochrome Mothering by Tamsin Dearing


    Tamsin Dearing Monochrome Mothering original coloured pencil and pastel drawing of zebras by Tamsin Dearing. Monochrome Mothering is a detailed study of a beautiful moment between a mother zebra and her colt. In a tender pose that suggests their love and her protective nature towards her baby, this striking image speaks of all parental love….