” How do you choose your subjects such as “harvest”?”

“Harvest”was inspired by a walk in the Cotswolds during autumn.

Whenever I am out walking whether locally or on holiday , I will usually take a camera and sketch book with me. If I see something that particularly inspires me, I will take a few photos and do a quick sketch. I painted “Harvest” following a walk in the Cotswolds during the autumn. The sun was shining and the colours in the nearby fields were  beautiful.

“Evening Glow”

“Can you tell us about your process for creating works such as “Evening Glow”?

For “Evening Glow”, I initially primed the canvas with Gesso. I mixed acrylic with a small amount of water to thin the paint and this was brushed onto the canvas. I then scraped the surface with a palette knife. I added some outlines and marks using charcoal. Further layers were created by repeating several times the process using acrylic paint and scraping with the palette knife. This helped to create depth and energy to the painting.


What specific techniques did you use in the creation of “Skyline”?”

I used a different technique when I painted “Skyline”, as I wanted to create a reflection of the sky on the water. I diluted the acrylic with a pouring medium to give some transparency to the paint. A brush was used to apply the mixture and the surface was then scraped with a palette knife. Further layers were provided by repeating the process a number of times.

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