What are the influences upon your work?

Colour is the main influence in my work, I get inspired by beautiful colours and they make me want to paint, I adore the beauty of flowers naturally in the landscape or a beautiful bouquet. Also other artists have always been a big influence since a young age, I discovered William Morris in my early teens and realised that pattern design was a art form I loved the colours and nature in his work. I see my art as 2 dimensional and studied textile design where painting was always the starting point of each design.


Can you tell us more about your flower paintings, in particular your acrylic painting ‘Bluebells’?

Bluebells are a really important part of my life, I come from Padstow in Cornwall and celebrate May Day as a annual event on the first of May. We wear bluebells as part of celebrating the coming of spring, also the town is decorated highly and most families would have bluebells decorating their house, they also grow in my garden and make me feel happy every time I see them. Flowers have always been a source of inspiration for me but was definitely cemented during my textile degree. 

“Three Mackerel”

What drew you to the subject of your painting ‘Three Mackerels’

 Growing up in a fishing port has always given me a connection with the sea, one of my earliest memories is helping my grandad with gutting the fish… sitting outside the back door watching crabs ? in a bucket one escaping down the path!! I love fish and the painting of 3 Mackerels was inspired by a photograph advertising Rick steins seafood restaurant, I adored the composition and the subject matter. I rarely paint from a photograph but this one definitely inspired me. Mackerel are a beautiful coloured fish and a joy to paint.

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