Hope Cove

“Tell us more about your practice, art background and current inspiration?”

I’m a textile artist best known for my illustrative work which is filled with colour, light and often witty references. I also create abstract textural work showing my unique take on the natural world.  I am a self-taught artist although much of my artistic influence comes from a childhood surrounded by creativity.  Much of my youth was spent creating collages from anything I could find including household waste, garden cuttings and fabric remnants. My resourcefulness certainly stems from those years when very little was wasted. I have always loved the tactile experience of working with textiles and despite trying other mediums during my art journey, textiles continues to be my strongest passion and one in which I can be most expressive. My current inspiration is of course the glorious colours and textures of autumn. How this season affects the intricacies of nature fascinates me, from the delicate skeletons of cow parsley to the crisping bronze and golden leaves falling from the trees. This season feeds my passion for textile creativity.  

The Gin Game

  “What gave you the idea to create ‘The Gin Game’?”

The Gin Game is a fun piece inspired by a solo themed exhibition held at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth.  ‘Show Time’ was a collection of art inspired by famous musicals and plays. The Gin Game is a lesser known play but one that inspired me to add some humour and variety to the exhibition. The play is actually more about the game gin rummy than the actual drink but I went with the bottles as I knew I could have so much fun with this theme. This piece actually led to an entire series of drinks pieces! 

St Michaels Mount

What specialist techniques did you use in the creation of ‘St Michael’s Mount and ‘Hope Cove?”

St Michaels Mount and Hope Cove are both places I particular love for different reasons. I often feel compelled to recreate a place that I have a special connection with.  The techniques I use in each piece vary according to the image I wish to achieve. St Michael’s Mount is a peaceful serene place of beauty and I focused on the ocean as well as vibrant flora using rich textiles with rich colours. Hope Cove is a busy piece filled with narrative – a busy seaside destination. I crammed this piece with detail to capture that sense of holiday fun. I used free motion embroidery and applique for both of these pieces – a technique of using a sewing machine to ‘draw’ with stitch and applique is the same technique but additionally using layers of fabrics and shapes. 

I encounter so much in my daily life that fills my senses and leaves me energised. There are a hundred artworks in my head, yet to be created.

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