Dreamy Morning

Light is a central theme of your oil painting “Dreamy Morning “. How important are both light and coastal themes to your practice?”

  I have always loved the sea and many of my paintings are of coastal landscapes featuring the ever changing shape and colours formed by the combination of the land, sea and sky. Light also features in my paintings particularly the colours produced from morning and evening daylight.

Cornish Colours

With reference to your mixed media work “Cornish Colours”. Can you tell us more about your methods of working and specific techniques ?

 “Cornish Colours” was painted in my studio from memories of a recent holiday in Cornwall. The painting features colours of the coastal landscape, the sea beyond and the skies above. In early summer the purple flowers cascading over the cliffs at the Lizard were beautiful and I wanted them to be part of the painting.

I started by applying paste to the canvas to provide some texture. Colours were then added using a palette knife. This was followed by charcoal marks and further colours using a brush. The painting was scraped several times with the palette knife and further colours added. The completed painting was then varnished.

Water Lillies

What attracted you to the subject matter of your mixed media work “Water Lillies” ?

When I’m not painting, I enjoy a long walk. There is a pond close to my home which has a number of water lilies. The flowers are beautiful. There is a small fountain which provides movement to the surface of the pond and I’ve tried to reproduce this in the painting with the use of charcoal and plenty of texture.

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