“Grand Central Station”. Charcoal on watercolour paper.

Devon-based artist Jane Branch is this week’s ‘Artist of the Week’! Jane is inspired by the Cornish and Devon coast and the human figure. We asked her about three of his most intricate works:

 In your work ‘Grand Central Station’ we see the use of charcoal combined with watercolour. Can you tell us more about this work and the combined use of these two media? Do you have a preferred media to work in, and if so, why?

When visiting my son in New York, I spent an entire day at the station, admiring the magnificent architecture and the overpowering hustle and bustle of people. Whilst there I spent many hours sketching. On returning home, I enjoyed conveying my feelings using the medium of charcoal.
This is a medium I really enjoy working in, with the versatility of its use. With the addition of water and watercolour, beautiful extra soft effects can be achieved.
I enjoy working in all media and let the subject dictate. For example, announcements work best with a visually striking image followed by the details that people need to get involved.












“A Private View 1 & 2”. Acrylic painting on box canvas.

I love the hustle and bustle that you’ve portrayedWhat is it about the human form that interests you most?

I find that the most interesting aspect of the human form is the relationship between one figure and another, making patterns of form and negative spaces. The continued movement and inter relationship of people is of constant inspiration.
My continued learning includes attending life drawing classes regularly.

“Jump”. Acrylic painting on canvas.

Your interest in silhouettes is apparent in your painting ‘Jump’. Can you tell us more?

This is a scene I came across in my hometown one evening. I work in acrylic when immediacy is required, and on this occasion, I wished to record the image directly, capturing the joy of the young.


See more of Jane Branch’s work  https://www.artgallerysw.co.uk/vendor/jane-branch/

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