Welcome to May’s newsletter. This month we have a spring mix of talented gallery artists.  Take a moment to discover some new art today.  

Steffan Johnson Art ‘Daffodils in a Milk Vase’ 

Steffan Johnson Art

Welsh painter Steffan is inspired by studying life through nature. His paintings capture the spirit of the subject using traditional techniques. He seeks to ‘see and appreciate that which is before us in its complex but simple expression’. 

His home village of Machen and its history has recently inspired his practice, as has the aesthetics of oil paint when used in simple still life. Steffan uses both oil paint and mixed media in his work. 

Angie Seaway ‘Blustery Conditions’

Angie Seaway

Acrylic painting ‘Blustery conditions’ is a work full of movement, that captures the effect of the weather on the landscape.  Vibrant parachute kites punctuate the sky in a jumble of colour, tossed every which way by the wind. 

Angie is an expressive artist who took up painting in her 30s. Her work records her emotional and expressive reaction to the weather. 

Painting outdoors ‘en plein air’, her work is first drafted in charcoal and ink, before layers of paint are added.  Texture is created through these many layers, adding richness and depth.

Rosemary Bonney ‘Verdant Growth Beside the Water’

Rosemary Bonney

Rosemary depicts lush green vegetation in this oil painting. Growth and energy are captured and contrasted against the cool grey blue of the water.  This abstract work relays her personal experience of place and deep love of the natural world.  

Dartmoor is the main subject of her landscapes. She is inspired by both its wild and spiritual nature.  Her practice encompasses a variety of styles from those that are impressionistic to works that are more abstracted in style.  Rosemary often uses palette knives and rags in her mark making.

Candice Rouse ‘Blossoms’ 

Candice Rouse

‘Blossoms’ is a soft pastel painting. Candice has been inspired by the natural world since her childhood spent in Africa.  Her works are portrayed realistically with a characteristically direct approach. Realism connects Candice to her subject, inspiring her to capture the immediate ‘beauty and feel of what I am seeing’. 

Soft pastel is her preferred medium, known for its versatility and painterly qualities. 

Naomi Rusher Art ‘Floral Fiesta’

Naomi Rusher

Bright and bold, ‘Floral Fiesta’ is a work that imparts a feeling of happiness.  Naomi seeks to ‘bring a sense of escapism and joy; a glimpse of adventure to the everyday’, through her art. 

This piece was created using ink dropped upon the surface mixed with either alcohol or a blending solution. This mix allows the ink to move freely.  The ink is then moved by the artist and dried using different techniques to create beautiful and interesting effects. 

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