Welcome to June’s newsletter.  Figurative art and portraiture is the theme of this month’s newsletter. Discover the work of five talented gallery artists below. 

Martin J Leighton  ‘High Dive’ 


Martin is passionate about portraiture and capturing the figure. Here, in this skillful painting the diver is frozen, caught moments before entering their final dive position.  Like his other paintings, ‘High Dive’ tells a story, making the viewer question what it is they are seeing. 

Martin also paints: abstracts, seascapes, landscapes and wildlife. 

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Pam Hutchings’ ‘Life Story

Pam Hutchings 

Life Story’ is a work that shows Pam’s graphic roots. It is a visual story of life, ‘full of highs and lows, moments of love and joy and excitement, times of hardship, chaos and sorrow’.

Pam is an artist who loves to experiment with a wide range of media in different combinations, creating bold expressive mixed media paintings.  Her practice is inspired by a wide range of subjects, including: landscapes, seascapes and abstracts.  

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Tamsin Dearing ‘Kids’

Tamsin Dearing

Tamsin specialises in traditional and contemporary fine art portraiture.  Her media of choice is: pencil, pastel and coloured pencil.  

The subject of this characterful pastel painting is a young Himalayan boy with his baby kid goat. Tamsin’s work is celebrated for its attention to detail and realism. Subjects often include pets, people and wildlife.  

Her work celebrates life, capturing the spirit of the subject.  She takes the everyday, skilfully elevating it, helping the viewer to see it anew. 

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Louise Bird ‘Be both Masterful and a Work in Progress’

Louise Bird 

This evocative female nude oil painting is highly realistic in treatment. Like many of Louise’s other paintings, there is a real contemporary edge to this work. 

Louise paints portraits by commission, but has recently started to create her own pieces.  She loves to explore and celebrate emotions and character, often portraying the ‘joy and fragility of life’. She paints both large and medium canvases. 

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Mae Pleydell-Pearce ‘Maydu’

Mae Pleydell-Pearce

Mae always brings her own interpretation to the subject, going beyond mere representation.  Painting in watercolour as well as acrylic, she chooses subjects that reflect the unique beauty of our world and its people.   

‘Maydu’ is a name with Latin origins which is often associated with the month of May.  It is often used as a female first name in many countries including: South Africa, Peru, Columbia.  This work is painted in acrylic and depicts a young girl from South Africa in traditional dress. 

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