Welcome to July’s newsletter featuring 5 brilliant acrylic works. Including vibrant still lifes, expressive seascapes, and wonderfully bold abstracts.  There is something for everyone in this month’s selection. 

Canani Art  ‘Ephemeral Horizons’ 

Canani Art

Canani Art is the brand name for works made by the Devon-based artist Ekaterina Findlay. Her sophisticated paintings capture both nature’s energy and power.  

She is an interpretive artist who captures ‘the expression of a world beneath the surface, of feelings and individual perception’. Her paintings have no set interpretation, instead each viewer brings to the work their own meaning and significance. 

Cathy Taylor ‘Newton’s Cove’

Cathy Taylor

Cathy has captured the interplay of light and shadow on the churning waves in this skilful painting.  

The subject is Newton’s Cove is a small area of shingle beach with rock pools in Dorset. It is part of the Jurassic coastline, a designated  site of special scientific interest.  

Weymouth artist Cathy Taylor specialises in seascapes, marine wildlife, as well as human and animal portraiture.  

Luba Larnie ‘Indian Summer’

Luba Larnie

Luba is a contemporary landscape artist, based in Gloucestershire. Her fascination with nature compels her to paint ‘the ever-changing shape and colours formed by the combination of land, sky and sea’.  

Her abstract paintings are colourful and full of impact.  A palette knife is used to build texture, whilst layers of overlapping paint bring depth. 

Jo Salmon

“Daffodils in a Vase’ is painted from an unusual perspective.  The viewer looks up towards the daffodil heads, their stalks interestingly magnified by the glass vase. 

Jo’s art is strongly influenced by the Cornish art movement.  She enjoys painting still lifes and landscapes, subjects that celebrate the natural world. 

Lisa Parkyn ‘Was I Dreaming’

Lisa Parkyn

The beautiful sunsets found within the county are the inspiration for ‘Was I Dreaming’. Here Lisa has captured ‘the energy, essence and emotion experienced-like an exquisite symphony’. 

Lisa captures the wild, untamed landscapes of the South West from Dartmoor to the Jurassic coastline.

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