Welcome to February’s newsletter, this month we look at the work of four artists: Ben Hughes, Rosemary Bonney, Christine Rogers and Ann Kopka.  Their work, alongside others, will be represented in our new Virtual Exhibition of Landscapes and Cityscapes, running from February 25th-March 31st 2024.  The exhibition will be in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. 

Rosemary Bonney ‘Ruddy Cleave Farm Revisited’

Rosemary Bonney

‘Ruddy Cleave Farm’ captures the simplified essence of the landscape with an emphasis on colour. Here a controversial red palette is used to capture a Dartmoor Farm nestling in the valley.  Rosemary created this work by using a layering technique.  Oil paint is used in glazes to gradually build up the depth of colour.

Based in Dartmoor, Rosemary is a landscape artist.  Inspired by the natural world, she shares with the viewer ‘her personal experience of a place, interpreting it in a painterly manner using oils, acrylics and mixed media embellishments’.  

Her choice of subject is influenced by a combination of the season, light and the effects of the weather.  A wide variety of tools are used in her practice, from brushes to palette knives, rollers to rags. 

Ben Hughes ‘Union Passage,Bath’

Ben Hughes

Bath artist, Ben Hughes, is self-taught artist and is a member of the Bath Society of Artists.  He has exhibited widely across the South West.  

In ‘Union Passage Bath’, Ben skilfully depicts the character of a Bath rainy day. The pavements glisten with rain. The light from shop windows casting interesting reflections in the wet Portland cement paving stones.  The bright shop facades jostle for attention along this historic narrow passageway, dating from the Georgian period. 

Christine Rogers ‘Echos of Hardy Lulworth Cove’.

Christine Rogers
Dorset artist Christine Rogers’ current interest is the sea.  Working in acrylic, she captures its movement and beautiful patterns, presenting subjects from an unusual standpoint. 

‘Echos of Hardy Lulworth Cove’ was inspired by a poem by Thomas Hardy, written to commemorate the poet John Keats’ visit to Lulworth Cove in 1820.  It is here that he is thought to have landed and composed his sonnet ‘Bright star! would I were steadfast as thou art’, before his departure for Rome.

Christine hopes viewers find her paintings spiritually uplifting through their subject and colour palette. She seeks to inspire the viewer’s further exploration of the seascapes and landscapes in her work. 

Ann Kopka ‘Amazing Grace New York City’’

Ann Kopka

Ann is a visual artist and curator.  Her practice encompasses painting, 2D, 3D, mixed media, digital art and installations. 

Current works are influenced by her deep fascination for the relationships between geometry, design and architecture in the urban landscape and natural world.  

In ‘Amazing Grace New York City’ she explores the relationships between repetition and pattern, structure and scale.  Many works also explore the relationship between pattern and colour. 

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