My work is inspired by both the local Dorset natural landscape and the many gardens I have visited both in the UK and further afield. Having grown up in a family sprinkled with artists, I was encouraged to paint and draw from an early age. I am a passionate gardener and plan the colours and textures in my garden in a similar way to approaching a painting. I love the way that colours and textures can be added to a canvas using brushes, palette knives and fingers to create a representation of a 'glimpse' of a garden or a group of flowers. I like to experiment with different mediums from time to time to expand my knowledge and skills.  I am lucky enough to be able to paint everyday in my studio and to teach students who range in skill levels from beginners to more advanced and confident painters.

Many of my paintings have multiple layers of paint, first added and the partly removed to create depth of colour and interest until I am ready to add the final details. The paintings have been described by buyers as 'Happy Paintings' which make you smile when you first see them and I think that's a great compliment.

I undertake commissions from customers in addition to selling my paintings on line in several galleries and from my website and Facebook Page.

Carole's website is www.caroleirvingart.co.uk

Email. [email protected]


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