Aurora Light Photography

Gilly Hopson

Originally from Essex and now residing in the beautiful North Dorset countryside, I have always had an affinity and deep love of nature and seek to capture the intricate and delicate beauty of this wondrous world through my camera lens. As a Photographic Artist I create images reflecting the beauty and fragility of our natural world. Inspired by nature and the countryside around me, together with artists such as Claude Monet and J.W. Turner, my images are often abstract and impressionistic, inviting the viewer to look more deeply into the picture and to put their own interpretation to the scene. Through my work I also attempt to encourage people to immerse themselves in the healing powers of nature and also to bring to people’s attention the beauty of many of the smaller aspects of our natural world, which so often go unnoticed, such as ripples and reflections in a pool or stream, sunlight through a leaf or intricate patterns on the bark of a tree. Trees feature a lot in my work, and, although I love to photograph them in all seasons, I especially love to capture them in winter when their stark beauty is revealed. I also find inspiration in our ancient and sacred land and my work often features standing stones, holy wells, ruined churches and abandoned villages. I sell my work as high quality framed and mounted prints and also as greeting cards at various shows and events throughout the year.


Tel. 01258 880282.

Mob:07971 240811.

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