Antonia Phillips


Lively, atmospheric seascapes and landscapes. From woodland streams to coastal scenes, Antonia’s work is informed by light, shape and colour..

Antonia is a well-known and established Dorset Artist. She trained in Bournemouth (in Natural History Illustration a long time ago and Advanced Fine Art more recently). A member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) she exhibits annually at the Mall Galleries in London.

Acrylic paintings are often created outdoors, within the landscape itself, bringing an immediacy to her work. Antonia is inspired by the sea with its changing light, while also exploring her interest in woods and field shapes. She has worked with Dorset Wildlife Trust for over 30 years, producing illustrations and nature panels for many of the Trust’s reserves.

‘ I am fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring landscape, living where I do. I also love to travel and experience landscapes further afield, on adventure, where I paint directly, absorbing each atmosphere & often energised by the weather! '

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